Murray Ayson News Feed Murray Ayson Featured Artist at O.A.S. Dunedin I am currently the Featured Artist at the Otago Art Society, my brushes are in action at my easel today upstairs at the Dunedin Railway Station.&nbsp; Climb the beautiful spiral stairway or take the lift from the magnificent foyer to the O.A.S. shop and gallery to view what I am painting.&nbsp; There is a display of original artworks and also giclees (reproductions) on canvas of other&nbsp;artworks I have created.<br /> <br /> For the next two weeks every day 10am - 4pm (excluding next Sunday) my works shall be on display until and including Friday 22nd February 2019.&nbsp; I shall be present and painting at my easel most of that time.&nbsp; Look forward to seeing you there if you are in Dunedin city.&nbsp;&nbsp;1549882800 Artist at O.A.S. Dunedin Sellout Exhibition at OAS I completed a sellout exhibition while being the Featured Artist for two weeks at the Otago Art Society rooms during February 2018.&nbsp; Held upstairs&nbsp;in the Dunedin Railway Station, while I was painting at my easel, I was delighted to meet and greet many hundreds of visitors, both&nbsp;tourists and locals, including those who&nbsp;purchased my works. Now I have returned to my home studio and set up my easel again. I am continuing to complete commissions.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> &nbsp;1521198000 Exhibition at OAS 2017 Peoples Choice winner Ed Realty, at the Edinburgh Realty 2017 Art Awards the original&nbsp;painting of Murray Ayson titled &#39;Lake Alice, Fiordland&#39;&nbsp; won the Peoples Choice Award over 194 artworks selected for the Exhibition.<br /> <br /> This exhibition was held&nbsp;during August-September 2017 in the Dunedin Railway Station the home of the Otago Art Society.&nbsp; This painting was sold during the Awards.&nbsp; It is available in a limited&nbsp;number in giclee.&nbsp;Click on&nbsp;&#39;Giclees&#39; on my Image Gallery for further details.<br /> This painting was created from an image when I travelled over Lake Alice to George Sound in a helicopter.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Six new small original paintings are now available for viewing on my Image Gallery in Fiordland, Central Otago and Westland.&nbsp; They are all framed and&nbsp;available for sale.&nbsp;1513854000 Peoples Choice winner Ed Realty Successful Artist in residence Exhibition at Dunedin Railway Station artist in residence at the Otago Art Society gallery in the Dunedin Railway Station, Murray wowed many tourists from cruise ships and independent travellers plus local art enthusiasts during the first two weeks of February 2017 as he created original paintings at his easel.&nbsp; The display of original artworks and of giclee reproductions&nbsp;tempted&nbsp;many to&nbsp;make spontaneous purchases to take home with them a little reminder of New Zealand.&nbsp; Being familiar with the local area Murray helped give travellers a fuller picture as he answered their questions.&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;1488106800 Artist in residence Exhibition at Dunedin Railway Station 2017 Artist in Residence at Otago Art Society on Waitangi Day 6th February Murray will begin his 2017 artist in residence at the Otago Art Society&nbsp;each day 10am to 4pm for two weeks until 18th February.<br /> <br /> Feel free to watch Murray at work.&nbsp;&nbsp;Painting at his easel, more images using oils on canvas will appear to take shape.&nbsp; If you are interested, come and see&nbsp;Murray at work.&nbsp; The O.A.S. is on the first floor of the iconic Dunedin Railway Station up the grand winding staircase (or use the lift in the main foyer).&nbsp; At the top of the stairs, walk through the shop into the next room where Murray will have many original paintings and some giclees displayed around the walls while he works at the easel.&nbsp; Commissions are welcomed or buy what you see are further options while visiting the gallery.<br /> &nbsp;1485860400 Artist in Residence at Otago Art Society 2016 Edinburgh Realty Art Awards opened tonight<br /> &#39;Dusky Sound Series No.&nbsp;1&#39; &nbsp;is Murray&#39;s new artwork currently displayed in the Edinburgh Realty Art Awards which opened tonight at the Otago Art Society gallery located in the Dunedin Railway Station.&nbsp; 209 entries are exhibited and for sale.&nbsp; The exhibition runs until Sunday 28th August 2016.<br /> <br /> Dusky Sound is an amazing part of Fiordland that truly takes your breath away.&nbsp;&nbsp;There are several ways to see it, by boat, by helicopter&nbsp;or having an image in your own home as a painting to view at your leisure each day.&nbsp;Murray can give you options for a painting of your choice to enjoy created from one of his images experiencing&nbsp;changing weather conditions and light&nbsp;during his week long trip to Dusky&nbsp;Sound.&nbsp;Contact him through his website.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;1469707200 Edinburgh Realty Art Awards opened tonight People Choice Winner announced Ayson was announced the winner of the Peoples Choice after voting closed on 1st June at the Hope &amp; Sons Art Awards 2014 held at the Otago Art Society rooms in the historic Dunedin Railway Station.&nbsp;&nbsp; The Exhibition theme was 'life and living in the south' with 170 artworks by South Island artists.&nbsp;&nbsp; Murray's winning painting was entitled &quot;Lake Duncan, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand'&nbsp;which he was inspired&nbsp; to paint after a helicopter trip flying over the majestic&nbsp;Fiordland mountains from Te Anau to George Sound on the&nbsp;West Coast.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> Hope &amp; Sons, Funeral Directors, Dunedin&nbsp;established in 1887 are very supportive and generous sponsors bi-annually of the Otago&nbsp;Art Society which itself was established in 1876&nbsp;being the oldest Art Society in New Zealand.<br /> View <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a> websites.&nbsp;&nbsp;1401710400 Choice Winner announced Life and Living in the South<p>I have two original artworks in the current Hope &amp; Sons Art Awards 2014.&nbsp;&nbsp; The &nbsp;Exhibition theme being 'Life and Living in the South'.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Currently&nbsp;being held in the&nbsp;Dunedin Railway Station&nbsp;at the Otago Art Society's premises, this exhibition of 170 original paintings by South Island artists runs until the 1st of June 2014.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;This is an image of my&nbsp;painting of the&nbsp;Purakaunui Stream, Catlins, South Otago which has been sold at the Exhibition.</p>1399377600 and Living in the South Exhibition now on selection of my recent works is now showing in an exhibition at The Artists Room, Dunedin.&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /> <br /> On my website home page, click <a href="/pages/7/Links" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:7">Favourite Links</a>&nbsp;- <a href=""></a> -&nbsp; the exhibition details are on their &nbsp;homepage - click 'artists'&nbsp; and scroll down to 'Murray Ayson' and click again to view my works.<br /> <br /> To all my clients and visitors to my website, I extend best wishes&nbsp;for Christmas and a safe and&nbsp;happy New Year.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;1385636400 now on